AKA Vs Cassper

I know what you are thinking. I do.

These are two young but really good rappers from South Africa and are doing a good job across Africa the world but both very different if you listen to them carefully.

It is no secret these two are “beefing” because they have made it the public’s business to know by posting tweets like the ones below and have been for a while to a point where half of their music is basically about dissing the other. I really can not understand why.

aka suggestion

cassper rant

I have always thought that one was better than the other. Yesterday i decided to give them both a listen back to back, again and again and give an informed opinion on who is actually better minus the bias. I am sure some people will disagree.

I was suprised to learn that i knew more Cassper songs than i did for AKA! I always thought it was the other way around because i did not know that Cassper did some of these songs. Some people prefer Cassper because of this actually. They know his music. He puts it out there. AKA’s music is not that easy to get unless you are buying it from itunes or listening to radio or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who has some of it. Us Africans have a problem with “buying” stuff …. heheheee… see where i am going with this?

These guys are usually judged on what they say or write on social media or do outside music, who wore what, who drives what car, who has what woman etc but all this is irrelevant to me. When listening to/ talking about music, i look at other things like Flow, lyrics, production and how the song makes me feel generally.

Let us talk about a few of their songs that are kinda popular (on a scale of 1-10)

Ghetto – Cassper ; Lyrics (7.5) , flow (5), production (7)

Congratulate – AKA; Lyrics (7), flow (8), production (8)

Phumakin – Cassper; Lyrics (7. Atleast for the words i understand), flow (7), production (8)

Composure – AKA; Lyrics (8), flow (7.9), production (8). Cassper did his own rendition of this song, Lyrics (8.7), flow (5)

Doc Shebeleza – Cassper; Lyrics (5), flow (7), production (8.2)

Let me show you – AKA; Lyrics (7), flow (8), production (9)

Beef – Cassper; Lyrics(8.9), flow (6), production (7)

All eyes on me – AKA; Lyrics (6), flow (8), production (8.5)

we could go on and on. Shout outs to their producers though. Massive job.

But if you take into account social media status,Cassper on Instagram has 514K followers and AKA 403K, AKA has 860K followers on twitter and CASSPER has 484K. Atleast they are both verified. I don’t know how they are doing on Facebook.

So if you like urban with a smooth flow and really dope production, then AKA is your guy but if you like urban, dope punchlines but a little rough on the flow, Cassper is your man. It is a matter of taste and preference really.

I feel like i will be editing this post soon. So much is left out. I still won’t tell you who I think is better. heheheee…go figure


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