That title should have a “MY” at the beginning but, oh well….

So I know its already the 3rd month of 2016 and am talking about best producers of 2015. This is because these producers are VERY likely going to blow your minds in 2016 too.

If you have read my blog before you know how FASCINATED i am about Music production. The whole process of everything coming together from scratch to produce a perfect and acceptable sound that makes people happy/ sad/ dancing / crying / anything else is just GENIUS to me. And that is why i never miss radio shows like Saturday Night Mix Show with Mister Deejay on Radiocity 97fm because you never know when a producer will drop by and make a beat live on air!!!

I don’t think i listen to music like most people. This is because i think about the artist and lyrics last and for me, production comes first *hides face*. Weird, i know. I will not go into how the sounds are put together and what goes into what or what comes before what because i want to talk about the people that actually do it and also because i donno how……..yet.

So most of the Ugandan bangers from 2015 (Most still playing to date) were produced by a handful of people. Very talented young men that some of you may not know and some that you may but may not know that they produced these songs.

These guys were my top 5 producers in 2015 (hoping they are all ACTUALLY Ugandan). In no particular order because i may lose friends if i do. LOL

  1. NESSIM. For the dopest Reggae and Afro beats , look no further. (Produces from :  BadiMusik) Nessim hasn’t been around for too long but has DEFINITELY made a huge impact on the UG music scene. He produced Radio+Weasel and Apass’ Nah Normal, he produced Maro’s JULIA, Radio+Weasel’s NTUNGA the list is so long! I’ll just say this, Out of your top 10 songs, he has produced 4 but you just don’t know it. He is also Apass’ producer so all those Apass songs you love, this is the guy.
  2. THE WEEZY. (Produces from: Buddies Music) I just recently got familiar with his work  when i heard Big Tril’s PRETTY GIRLS. (the Color ya Zari, booty ya Luzinda jam. Yeah, he produced that). He also produced Big Ben’s NDOLELELE. (That dope hip hop jam with many gishu words and a SICK beat), he also produced Mun*G’s SENTE DIRIWO, Big Tril’s BATUWULIRA with Fille. He is also amazing on Afro beats go listen to KUNA KUNAYE by Djaden with Amanda which i must add is one of my top 4 songs from last year. Surprising i know but true nonetheless.
  3. BARU. (Produces from: Dustville) Where do i start with this one? He has been among my favorites for a while now. He produces for Pryce Teeba. I am sure you have heard Pryce Teeba’s SIDE ZEENO which i must admit is one of my top 2 tracks from UG in 2015. RudeBoy Music’s Winner’s circle with Apass, Ivory and Atlas. Plus, he was on that RUKUNGIRI MIXTAPE project too with Abaasa!
  4. SAMURAE. (Produces from: Talent Africa) He is one of the first producers i think about when i think about Ugandan producers. Sam has been around for a while and i could go on and on about his previous projects but since we are talking about 2015 work, here goes; Navio’s THRONE, The UG Cypher, Swahili nation loco mix and so much more.
  5. ABAASA. (Produces from: Dustville). I bet most of you didn’t know he produces after hearing his sweet sweet Sweet RnB sound. I am one of you. hhehhehehee… Abaasa did an outstanding job on his RUKUNGIRI MIXTAPE project. You donno what am talking about? OK, Have you heard the song NTEGYERIZE? Yes, that is just one of them. How about RUN AWAY? i don’t even think this project got half the recognition it deserved. We haven’t heard/ had anything like this from Uganda and i think Abaasa outdid himself and should be rewarded so. Too bad it’s not my call.

PS: This above isn’t the extent of their abilities but these guys made my #UGMondays (i usually listen to ONLY UG Music on Mondays and sometimes tweet about it. That is how i show my support for UG music. LOL) so much bearable.

There are some that i didn’t hear much from in 2015 although some assisted in the projects above but their previous work speaks HUGE volumes and am looking forward to their work in 2016.

  1. Aethan
  2. J.T
  3. IkozNeffekt
  4. Hannz Tactiq
  5. Just Jose

If you look at those lists very carefully, you will be able to tell the kind of Ugandan music that interests me.  I know there are more good producers out there but these were MY favorite last year.

Although you have to agree with me that either BADI MUSIK or BUDDIES MUSIC has to change their name to stop all this confusion. One studio is getting credit for the other’s work am telling you. I have a few Ideas in case any is interested. Ha!

Please, never say i never gave you anything. I basically just told you the dopest producers in Uganda so please artists, stop putting out substandard work and go work with these guys. You are welcome.


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