THE REMEDY – Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge

I have been thinking about writing a blog about MY favorite/best 10 albums in the last decade but i realised that it will not do justice to some of the albums so i decided against it and opted for one album per blog post. At the end of all 10 blog posts, i might give you the number in order.

I have chosen to start with THE REMEDY by Jagged Edge for a number of reasons;

  1. I can
  2. I have found myself listening to a lot of RnB lately and songs from this album keep coming up on my playlist.
  3. It is undeniably one of the top 3 best RnB albums of the last decade.
  4. I had a crush on the twins (Brian and Brandon) when i was young younger.
  5. I just can.

You might be surprised to learn that this is a 2011 album but almost 6 years later, it is one of the  first that comes to mind when am thinking about my Top/Best albums in the last decade!

Listening to this album makes me feel like RnB is the best genre of music ever produced. Production of the album was dominated by Brian and Brandon, the same 2 that are lead singers of the group. I am not complaining. It also had cool & Dre, Big D, Jim Jonsin and some others come in on the production.

Let us run through some songs off this album.

  1. Scratch that, let us start with the INTRO; As the album starts, we are blessed with an acoustic two minute intro coupled with amazing harmonies and a very well put together melody. This intro alone can tell you everything you need to know about the album plus, it is so good you find yourself replaying it!
  2. LOVE ON YOU;  This is like an extension of the Intro with a fuller production. For reviews, read point No.1.
  3. BABY: This is one of the songs on the album with an “oldies” feel. It makes you feel like you are listening to one of those old RnB jams with a new feel. Feels good.
  4. FLOW THROUGH MY VEINS; This is one of the BEST songs on the album and the first time i heard this album, this is the song that got me to hit the REPEAT button the most. I can say this is the song that made me fall in love with the album. The production is exquisite! The lyrics are PERFECT! I will not even talk about the vocals because the comment about them is the same for all songs on the album.
  5.  MY GIRL; This is another song with one of the best productions on this album. For some reason, listening to it makes me want someone to sing it to me and mean it. *giggles* Amazing lyrics. Amazing Production.
  6. I NEED A WOMAN; This is the kind of song i want to play on Late night shows on radios. That’s all i am saying.
  7. LIPSTICK; They feature Rick Ross on this song. The only song on the album where they feature any other artist. It is the second song on the album that gives me an “oldies” feel. If i were a DJ and am making a mix of music like this, i would fuse this song with Sam Smith’s RESTART.
  8. SPACE SHIP; This song talks about how the chic left and doesn’t want to see the guy anymore and is meant to be a sad song but for some reason it sounds so sexual!!! If you don’t listen carefully, you might not get it. I love it!
  9. LAY YOU DOWN; This is among my top 4 songs off the album. Cool & Dre did amazing production on this song. But Cool & Dre are AMAZING producers. (We shall talk about them sometime too…soon i hope) Very sexual song too.
  10. LET’S MAKE LOVE; This title speaks for itself.
  11. THE BED SHAKES; Gosh this song! Production, Perfect!… Lyrics, Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Plus, it has a great Tempo! There is so much i could do to this song but i won’t bore you with those details.
  12. MR. WRONG; This is one of my top 3 songs on the album. I think it has the BEST melody on the whole album and one of the best productions, Lyrics and Tempo.

I think that is the whole list. This album will make you fall in love with RnB once again if you had fallen out of love with it especially if you have been torturing your ears with the songs considered RnB these days. Pure RnB by RnB maestros. Beautiful album with GREAT production, Amazing vocals and incredible lyrics.  Yes, it makes you think about sex a lot but if any RnB album doesn’t , it shouldn’t be called an RnB album.

If you haven’t listened to this album, i suggest you do. Unless you have something against RnB. It will make you feel a lot of things you do not feel from listening to music these days. I PROMISE. However, if you listen to it and not enjoy it, please do not tell anyone because it will say a lot about your music taste although you are allowed to feel so.



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