This is the second album am writing about under “My Top 10 albums of the last decade”. The first one was Jagged Edge’s THE REMEDY. You might wonder why i am considering a lot of RnB. I’ll tell you why;

  1. I love RnB. A hell lot.
  2. I have written about most of my HipHop albums already. If you look carefully through my blog posts, you will see Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC, Logic’s UNDER PRESSURE, J.Cole’s BORN SINNER and Jay’s MCHG.

Let’s be honest, Many people had never heard of Miguel Until ADORN. True/False? And do you want to guess what Album that song was from? Personally i had heard of only 2 Miguel songs in my life before this song, that is SURE THING (which still plays on my playlist) and Quickie.

Kaleidoscope dream is a late 2012 album but i still feel incredible listening to it today. Quickly running through the songs odd the Album;

  1. ADORN; Like i just said, this song did a great job at putting Miguel out there. Apart from it’s amazing lyrics, it has a massive production and melody. And to know that Miguel wrote and produced this song himself makes me even love it more.
  2. DON’T LOOK BACK; The fact that this song sounds like an un-mastered version is what makes it even more special.
  3. USE ME; One of my top 4 songs off this album. Great lyrics, good production. Very sexual song but can be interpreted as a drug usage song. so it really depends on your mental status at any given time.
  4. DO YOU; For this one , 100% drug-age. But it has a great melody that is undeniable. Plus you will really love dancing to it.
  5. KALEIDOSCOPE DREAM; One of my top 4 too. It’s beat is absolute candy to my ears. It is such a chill song. Even singing along to it feels good.
  6. THE THRILL;This is another of those with a great melody and an absolute feel good.
  7. HOW MANY DRINKS; Most of you know the remix of this song which features Kendrick Lamar but the album version is the original. Same great feel, same great production.
  8. WHERE’S THE FUN IN FOREVER; very reminiscent of Jay-z’s D.O.A in terms of production.
  9. ARCH & POINT; makes me feel the same way THE THRILL does. Love it!
  10. P**Y IS MINE; One of my favorites off this album without a doubt. Erotic lyrics, feel good melody, raw production (matter of fact, he did the entire song on guitar and the 808) He sounded drunk and h***y on this record. I always listen to this song with my eyes closed.
  11. CANDLES IN THE SUN; One of the best productions on this album.

I really love this album and if you still haven’t listened to the whole of it, you better. It will make you feel all types of ways a good RnB album makes you feel. Miguel’s vocals were PERFECT for every song on this album! It’s erotic, sexual, sensual, soothing and really makes you feel good.

However, it is not common for people to fall in love with this album on first listen so do not be too quick to rubbish it. This album dwells majorly on drums, the 808, funk rock guitar and melody. Some of its songs sound under produced which ironically is what is amazing about them because it makes you feel like you are watching Miguel perform it out with a live band giving you the i-am-in-the-bar-on-a-wednesday-night feeling.

Like Andy Kellman dubbed it “2012’s most pleasurable pop-R&B album” and felt that, although the lyrics occasionally veer “too close to ‘artsy’ teenage erotic poetry,” each song has “an attractive quality, whether it’s a heavenly melody, a riveting rhythm, or a boggling production nuance.” few words to basically sum up my whole blog.

This album alone got Miguel in my Top 12 artists for the last 5 years. Great Great Great album!


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