RUDE BOY MUSIC, the album


Have you heard this album?

I ask again, Have you heard this album?

How about this, Have you heard OF this album?

Here is the thing, the last couple of weeks i have been writing about MY Top ten albums of the last decade and a lot of GREAT albums have featured but the list isn’t exhausted yet that i feel like i should make it Top 20.  In the middle of all this Bryan Kella Mckenzie drops an album!!!! Not just any album, a very good album that i think know MUST be on this list.

Bryan Kella Mckenzie is an amazing radio personality that i so happen to work with every Friday night at Radiocity,  plus, he is a very well respected member in the Ugandan Hip-hop world. What did he do? He got the top Ugandan rappers and some dope vocalists coming together to produce what is going on to be a top Album from Uganda for a long long long time. Guaranteed.

This album dropped end of March 2016 but our ears had been treated to some of the songs off this album prior to this so we somehow  knew what to expect. Of course i got my copy of the album and this is what i thought;

WINNER’s CIRCLE :  This is the first song off the album. There are about 3 or 4 things that i like about this song. First of all, this song has Atlas (da Afrikan) and Apass on it! A combination i would NEVER have thought about. Very interesting! When you listen to Atlas’s verse, that is my second reason. I think Atlas is very underrated and having him “open” this album was VERY satisfying for me. Ivory Namara did a decent job as well.  Also, this song was produced by Baru!

NDAKWIKUNDIRA:  This song has The Mith, Lilian Mbabazi, Kahiri and Ruyonga. Two rappers and two vocalists. Mad combination! I like the production of this song very very very much. It feels very African. I like it!

CRAZY : This one has Keko and Navio. First time i heard this song, i wasn’t very sure. It wasn’t a bad song, but it did not move me as much as i wanted it to, seeing as it has the best Ugandan female emcee (Do you want to debate about this?) and one of the best male Ugandan rappers but i did not give up on it and after a few listens, i was converted, to the point where i think this is among MY top 3 songs off the album. I might add, it is the most repeated song when am playing this album.

ABOUT THAT LIFE: This song has Big Tril, Pryce Teeba, Tucker HD and Abaasa. I don’t know if i can say anything else on this. That line up alone says A LOT! There is that line where Pryce says “Tewesiba ku muwala bw’aba afuuse whore” that line gets me  EVERY TIME! Plus, this song’s production is one of the best on the album with out a doubt.

SEMBERA ENO: This is the first song most people heard from Mckenzie. It is not a new song. It is probably 8 years old or more. But it had to feature on the album. It just had to. I might add that it blended in well with the caliber of songs on the album. It really did.

IYOO : This song has Mun*G and Big Tril. Not only does this song channel a classic song by Saida Kalooli, the production rendition was like spice in chicken soup. Let’s not leave out Mun*G’s comic lyrics about his so many girlfriends or Big Tril’s SICK flow. Some people wondered why GNL was not on this song to complete the whole BFE, but i heard a learned fella say “This song is fine the way it is. With GNL, it would have been a different song, with just these two, it is this” I am very inclined to agree.

EVERYWHERE WE GO: This is a Flex D’paper song, Mckenzie is featured on it. It is such a catchy song, you find yourself singing along especially to the chorus. I must warn you, Mckenzie’s verse might stick in your head. There is that part where he says “Your Girl just made me her Man Crush Monday, that’s a hashtag, double tap that..”Like he expects you to “Like a pic” on Instagram of another guy your girl is crushing on! Ha! I love it!

NEXT LEVEL: This song has Enygma, Ninja C and St. Nellysade. I will tell you why this combination is deadly. It only has “Underground” rappers. Nothing beats underground rappers. None of these 3 is a main stream rapper (At least to my understanding) They are raw, hard core and have insane punchlines. If you are not very alert, you might miss some of the things they are saying.

PIECE OF HEAVEN: This song has Ruyonga, Nyoyozi, GNL and JC Muyonjo. A tribute to the Kyadondo Bombings. Very heartfelt song.

POWER: This song has GNL alone. The only song on the album with only one artist and GNL did not disappoint. Plus, it has one of the productions on the album in my opinion.

ABOUT YOU: This song has Ruyonga and Sonny. The story telling Ruyonga did on this track plus the message conveyed  gets me! That, what matters is what they say about you when you are gone/not around. I am not one to usually care about what people think about me but this song gives you a different perspective and i appreciate it. A lot.

ACROSS THE ROOM: This one has Lyrikal Proof , Don Mc and McKenzie himself. It had been a while since I heard new music from Lyrikal proof and yet i still appreciate him as much. I am not sure about this and i may be wrong but i think Lyrikal proof wrote and produced this song. Why? because it has “him” written all over it when you listen.

Those are the songs off the album. If you haven’t listened to it, i suggest you do because it might change the way you look at Ugandan Hip hop and also help you see where the industry is going. I think Mckenzie did a very good job with this project in terms of;

  1. What producers to work with. (It has almost all the producers on my BEST UGANDAN PRODUCERS IN 2015 blog )
  2. What artist to put on what track as they all fit PERFECTLY where he put them.
  3. Arrangement of the album itself.

With projects like this, Ugandan Music is on the way to the International Market.

The one thing i keep wondering is why LYRICAL G did not feature on this album. I just keep wondering.





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