Should you watch QUEEN OF KATWE?


Ugandans People have been wired to hate/not support anything that is indigenous. The fact that it is a question to go watch this movie is proof of that.

I can tell you right now, GO WATCH IT.

A movie about a Ugandan, shot in Uganda with a high percentage of it’s cast Ugandan, plus a very poorly done trailer, i admit i was skeptical as well. But the overwhelming feeling to support something positive about Uganda pushed me to the cinema.

From the first scenes, i was captivated! Great depiction of Katwe. Nothing added, and nothing covered up. Impressive!

The rubbish,  the trenches, the market, the football field, the kavuyo, my gosh!

The costumes were fantastic.

The soundtracks were great. Not only were most of them from Ugandan Artists, they were also well chosen.

Unfortunately, I am not crazy about some of the acting. It was a bit theatrical for me. Although i must admit, Lupita’s pronunciation of those luganda words was 100%! Plus, they had Maurice Kirya and Sheebah in there!

The production of this movie was very good. Well researched and very creative. It is everything they say about it in reviews and so much more.

Above all, the story was very well told. I laughed, i cried, i got excited, i got sad but most importantly, i was proud.

Very well done.




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