VUQA the Cypher



I can only imagine the number of write-ups that have been given to this Cypher. Oh well, here is mine.

Very few songs excited me this year the way this cypher did especially because

  1. Its line up.
  2. I am a HUGE UG urban music fan. Huge!
  3. That line up
  4. I couldn’t wait to hear what dance hall sounded like fused with hiphop.
  5. The line up.

But then again, a cypher is not a song.


KEKO : Best decision the organisers of this cypher did was to put her first. She did EXACTLY what she was put first for. Strong lines, smooth flow and an attitude that goes first on a cypher. I hit rewind about 3X on her verse before i even knew what else the Cypher had to offer. Like i have said time and again, she set the bar for the cypher. (PS: This has absolutely nothing to do with girl power) Very well done.

BIG TRIL : I am probably BigTril’s biggest fan in this whole country and i have been for a very long time. I have listened to him modelling his craft from way back and i can tell you that he could NOT possibly give you less than what he gave you on the cypher. What he gave on the cypher is EXACTLY what i expect from him. Nothing less.

NUTTY NEITHAN: Another very good decision was to have him on the Cypher. Problem came in with delivery. He has had a very good past 2 years so i think this put his name close when the line up was being drawn but truth is, he was “not ready” for this.

THE MITH : I will say for him what i said for BigTril. They both are at a point where they are incapable of giving you any less than a certain standard. And they both delivered just this.

ST. NELLY SADE: Undoubtedly one of the best Lugaflow Emcees we have now. No question. No argument. But for some reason, he gave us less 20% his usual dose. If you have listened to his earlier work, you know what i mean.

PETER MILES : Same thing i said for Nutty Neithan. My expectations were so high for him and he just didn’t deliver! Even the beat was switched up when he got on! Did you guys notice? That was his cue to kill it! This was a Peter Miles that i have never seen. He has never disappointed like this.

TIMOTHY CODE : Well, well, well, wasn’t this the biggest surprise on the Cypher? It is not that he has always been a bad rapper. No. He just performed better than he has in the past. I feel like Code had a point to prove. And he proved it. His flow, lyrics and attitude were all mature.

RUYONGA : What does one say about Ruyonga though? I have heard guys say he was the best on the Cypher, i disagree. That is Ruyonga. What else did you expect? He did not give you anything he has never given you before and it’s not his fault that some people couldn’t match up.

My best thing on this Cypher however is the video. I think “Josh the fixer” did an INCREDIBLE job with it. Very simple but yet very loud.  Also, “Michael fingers” on the beat was AMAZING!

The fusion between rap and dance hall was great. I wasn’t so sure about it at first but i later understood where they were going with it. Something Different.




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