Ignorance is NOT bliss

Photo cred: Internet. Taking a break from my regular programming for this particular piece. I usually write about Music. Albums, artists, producers, DJs and the like but i couldn’t wait any longer to write this one. Everyone seems to be getting more and more obsessed with/ religiously believes the saying “Ignorance is bliss” especially these […]

VUQA the Cypher

Ah. I can only imagine the number of write-ups that have been given to this Cypher. Oh well, here is mine. Very few songs excited me this year the way this cypher did especially because Its line up. I am a HUGE UG urban music fan. Huge! That line up I couldn’t wait to hear what […]

Should you watch QUEEN OF KATWE?

Ugandans People have been wired to hate/not support anything that is indigenous. The fact that it is a question to go watch this movie is proof of that. I can tell you right now, GO WATCH IT. A movie about a Ugandan, shot in Uganda with a high percentage of it’s cast Ugandan, plus a very […]

RUDE BOY MUSIC, the album

Have you heard this album? I ask again, Have you heard this album? How about this, Have you heard OF this album? Here is the thing, the last couple of weeks i have been writing about MY Top ten albums of the last decade and a lot of GREAT albums have featured but the list […]


This is the second album am writing about under “My Top 10 albums of the last decade”. The first one was Jagged Edge’s THE REMEDY. You might wonder why i am considering a lot of RnB. I’ll tell you why; I love RnB. A hell lot. I have written about most of my HipHop albums […]

THE REMEDY – Jagged Edge

I have been thinking about writing a blog about MY favorite/best 10 albums in the last decade but i realised that it will not do justice to some of the albums so i decided against it and opted for one album per blog post. At the end of all 10 blog posts, i might give […]


That title should have a “MY” at the beginning but, oh well…. So I know its already the 3rd month of 2016 and am talking about best producers of 2015. This is because these producers are VERY likely going to blow your minds in 2016 too. If you have read my blog before you know […]