The hashtag that is / was

So there is this UG BLOGGERS 7 DAYS thing going around on twitter where Ugandan bloggers are to write one blog a day for 7 days. Today is day 3 and this is my first blog. ha! thing is, am not really a blogger, i just love to do what cool kids do. I dont […]

Role of Producers in Music

Everyone has a type of music they like. Or that which they listen to constantly. But how many of you have taken time to appreciate the guy who produces the music you listen to? The guy who makes sure your ears get first class sound. The guy who makes sure the artists with horrible voices […]


If you did not have fun this past weekend, too bad,…… Thing is, i havent been out in quite a while so i was a little bit excited about going out again and there was alot happening last weekend. There was one of my favorite events of the year, Back to Basics, the 6th Edition […]


We are used to dancehall artists being the dreadlocked Rastas with faces looking like they live in the boxing ring. Looking at A pass, one would not even know how much dancehall can come of his too-soft-looking self. Thanks to management re-branding, he now goes by the name A pass Music,…. better known as A pass Killer. i personally […]

Birthdays,… Not looking forward.

When it is your birthday, you glow and smile all day and even say “Good morning” to that guy in office you always avoid because today you feel good. Your mind is wrapped around the presents you “might” receive and the beers going to be thrown your way that week. Yes, week because apparently people […]


First off my birthday is coming up in a few days…..1st April to be exact. i will really love and forever cherish that one person who can get me that phone cover with that Ugandan flag. i hold an HTC HD7…. heheeee…. Seriously though, as a proud Ugandan, i feel the need to let people coming […]